Sanders Tank working Highlight Video

Dr. Robert Foley is a revered veterinarian and owner of South Bellmore Veterinary Group in Bellmore, NY. Throughout his many years of practice, Dr. Foley treated many clients with the Presa Canario breed, and he was always drawn to their beauty and confident demeanor. It wasn’t long before Dr. Foley met with Noah Sanders of Sanders Kennels and welcomed his very own Presa Canario, Chiquita, into his family.

Chiquita was as beautiful as she was fierce and a loyal protector of Dr. Foley’s family, defending her family on more than one occasion. However, after 15 years of being a loving and dedicated member of the family, she passed away.

Dr. Foley did not hesitate to contact Noah again and it wasn’t long before Tank became a vital member of Dr. Foley’s family.

Tank is an excellent example of how majestic and powerful Presas can be. Tank is extremely intelligent with a well-balanced temperament enabling him to be a superior companion to Dr. Foley both at home and at Dr. Foley’s practice.

Tank’s self-confidence and strength also make him an accomplished competitor in IGP Sports (formerly known as IPO/ Schutzhund). IGP is a three-part dog sports competition that tests a dog’s tracking, protection, and obedience skills. These tasks can be taxing mentally and physically for any breed. Tank recently received the title of IGP-1, proving his excellence in tracking, protection, and obedience. Tank is currently undergoing training for the PSA Trials, which is a sports competition focused on a working dog’s ability to obey and perform controlled protection.

To honor Tank’s incredible ability and demeanor, the decision was made to protect his line and launch Fuerte Canarios in 2020. Fuerte Canarios are committed to producing and delivering Presa Canarios who are bred for temperament, conformation, health, and their work dog ability. Fuerte Canarios deliver pups locally to the Long Island area as well as across the globe to approved owners. We also go beyond breeding and offer training in sport and protection for selected dogs.

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